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Mobogenie 2.0 Makes Splash With U.S. Launch of Next-Gen Android Store


After something that borderlines on global domination, amassing almost a half-billion users in under 2 years, Mobogenie is bursting into the US application market with it's unique take on an "app store" for Android with PC-based companion site.  Mobogenie combines a suite of "essential" type applications with many free applications and broad offering of apps you'd expect to find in other app marketplaces.  But what is any big launch without something of a celebration?.. and that's where Newegg has partnered with Mobogenie to give away 50 grand worth of prizes to those who try out Mobogenie and complete fun daily tasks - hit the break for the details.


Mobogenie 2.0 Next-Gen Android Store and Entertainment Hub, With Incredible Features and 'Fun'ctionality,

Launched in the U.S.

Newegg and Mobogenie Celebrate Version 2.0 Launch with $50,000 Giveaway


Redwood City, Calif., - September 29, 2014 - After the tremendous successes of its earlier versions, Mobogenie today launched its latest next-generation Android store and entertainment hub called 'Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store.' With 440 million installations worldwide, the newest version is loaded with unparalleled content, functions and features, taking the user experience to an entirely new level.


To celebrate the launch of Mobogenie 2.0, the company has partnered with Newegg to offer exclusive daily deals valued at more than $50,000, to be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Starting today, users can log in to Mobogenie 2.0 and perform a daily task. Each task will award users with an absolutely free gadget, such as Klipsch headphones or a number of other great prizes. The promotion ends when all the prizes have been claimed. Find out more by downloading Mobogenie 2.0 from


User protection is of prime importance to Mobogenie, the intuitive installation and huge selection of robust entertainment resources do not come at the expense of user privacy or security. Mobogenie ensures user safety by making sure all available content has been thoroughly scanned with up-to-the-minute versions of Kaspersky, Norton and MacAfee anti-virus software. This is the company's biggest update yet and Mobogenie wants to provide its' users with the best experience possible.


Meet Mobogenie 2.0

This next-generation Android store comes with incredible functionality and features.

  • No login or registration: Download any app with the tap of a finger. Mobogenie values its users' privacy - it sells products, not user data
  • More apps and entertainment resources in aggregate than any other Android store in the world
  • Built-in cleaner to boost memory and speed up Android smartphones
  • Reliable and customizable editor's choice recommendations for popular resources
  • 100% Safe, secure and free from viruses and malware. Certified by world-leading security experts: Kaspersky, Norton, and MacAfee
  • Powerful and robust phone management features: Never lose data-backup contacts, messages, apps, music and images to a PC
  • Smart and highly intuitive interface redefines how users interact with their smartphone
  • A clean design and seamless navigation takes the user experience to an entirely new level


About Mobogenie

Founded in 2013, Mobogenie develops applications for the Android platform and mobile device management applications for PC. Mobogenie puts its 'users first' by ensuring the highest level of protection on its product offerings. Mobogenie products include the world's ultimate Android store and entertainment hub called Mobogenie 2.0 Android store and Mobogenie 3.0 for PC - a powerful mobile device sync and store manager. 


With 440 million installations globally, Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store is fast becoming the leading all-in-one choice Android store for users the world over. It hosts the largest quantity of 100% safe and secure high quality localized mobile apps and entertainment resources than any other Android store in the world. These include editor-curated apps, games, music, videos, wallpapers, e-books, photo content and numerous other entertaining resources.


Available in more than 30 languages, with truly localized high-speed content and features such as one-click downloads, smart and highly intuitive exploration for easy access, and powerful phone management features, Mobogenie 2.0 aims to redefine how users interact with their smartphone.



Mobogenie is a global, yet a truly local brand with offices in Silicon Valley, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. In line with its brand spirit, Mobogenie products are smart, playful and reliable.

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