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DEEPCOOL launches High Performance & Silence Fans GF120/140

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Deepcool is set to launch a whole new line of fans that will go with many themes and are intended to be "set and forget."  High quality fans are still an area of focus for many enthusiast builders, and high-end bearings and elegant blade design have us intrigued by Deepcool's fresh offerings.  Get the detail after the break.


DEEPCOOL Launches High Performance & Silence Fans GF120/140


(FDB Hydrodynamic Bearing, 100,000 hours of lifespan.

Balance dynamic rotation design with de-vibration application of TPE rubber coating.

Anti-water, dust-proof and detachable fan blade design.

Various color selection available for better visual presentation.

Colors include Red & Black /Yellow & Black /Grey & Black.


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