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Watch Dogs PC Patch Incoming


Ubisoft has realesed info about the upcoming patch that we all have been waiting for. The patch will be ready to download in a few days so jump on in and see what fixes Ubisoft has implemented in this patch.


- Automatically reconstructed corrupted save files which prevented loading to go further than 90%. Some collectibles may remain unrecoverable.
- Fixed the issue preventing players from using hacks in game.

- Fixed several mission-breaking bugs.
- Fixed minor mission and item-related issues.
- Fixed the issue that caused the empty weapon-wheel.

- Fixed several minor respawn issues.
- Fixed some Connection and session joining issues.

- Fixed graphical glitches on Low & Medium settings.
- Fixed some crashes on SLI configurations.
- Implemented several performance impovement.
- Implemented a few control improvements.
- Fixed issues causing infinite messaging and timing-out when trying to access the Oline Shop from the Extras Menu while Uplay is set to Offline mode.
- Fixed issues connecting to a Multiplayer game.
- Implemented several mouse modifications.
- Fixed "Drinking Game" control issue where wrong information was displayed when played with a gamepad.
- Fixed "Chess Game" control issue.
- Fixed bug where the invasion setting was never saved.
- Fixed graphical issues during cut scenes and cinematics.
- Fixed several graphical and texture bugs.
- Removed Vista OS check to prevent false positives.
- Added game version in main menu

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