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Cooler Master Unveils HAF Stacker Modular Case @ PAX 2013


We were as surprised as anyone when Cooler Master had a big unveil at PAX 2013 in Seattle, Washington.  Sure to open up the ultra-creative masses to a new level of flexibility when building their PC setups, the HAF stacker uses stackable modules to add extra capability / expandability when you need it.  The HAF Stacker can be used to add on larger watercooling radiators, bolster your hard drive array, or even house your other machines you might have, such as media servers.  Jump the break for more pics from the unveil and the official press release.

The modules of the case join together on a military-inspired rail system that allows a quick-and-easy removal of the top panel and then installing the module onto the rail.  The basic full-tower looks much like the HAF case we've come to love from Cooler Master with feature-rich toolless design and plenty of expandability options on its own.  Then, each of the add-on modules can be used as a unique M-ITX form factor and can be used to house full machines that can be stacked, which looks to be a kick-ass pairing with ASUS' new full-featured M-ITX motherboards.  The best part?  The best uses probably haven't even been thought about yet, and the creative DIYers / Modders of the PC building world will soon find new ways to utilize Cooler Master's unique modular case.  Welcome to the world, HAF Stacker.


Cooler Master Unveils HAF Stacker Series: The First Ever Stackable "Mod-tower"

Chino, California – August 30th, 2013 - Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator and manufacturer of desktop components and more, today officially unveils to the world the first stackable "modtower" -- The HAF Stacker series. This evolutionary computer case is the first of its kind to provide new levels of modularity, expandability, and creativity for system builders around the world. The HAF Stacker series is currently on display for the very first time at the Cooler Master Booth#3446 at PAX Prime 2013 in Seattle, WA.

Series Convergence

Joining together two titans among Cooler Master case series, HAF Stacker takes the essence of the widely popular High Air Flow and Stacker series and elevates them to new heights as a single, cohesive line. The large drive storage and interior space of the Stacker series meets the Water and Air cooling design of the HAF series. The result is the first modular and expandable full tower with smaller companion cases that all stack together seamlessly.

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Stack Up. Stack On.

HAF Stacker, built for the tinkerer, DIY builder, modder, newbie, multi-PC household, and you. The HAF Stacker is more than a collection of cases, it's the freedom to configure a single PC or multiple PC setups in innumerable ways. Be it watercooled, air cooled, workstation, server, extreme gaming setup, or the first PC you have ever built; HAF Stacker has a setup to suit you.

Available in three distinct models, the HAF Stacker series features a full tower HAF 935 configuration consisting of the HAF 915R and HAF 925, M-ITX HAF 915R, and M-ITX HAF 915F. Each base configuration offers unique features and benefits that allow them to be standalone cases that stand out on their own merit while being stackable with other models in the series for expanded functionality. This is all made possible by a CM patent pending rail system that was inspired by a military picatinny rail to enable the attachment and removal of each stackable piece in 2 easy and secure steps.


The full series will be launching globally and on sale Q4 of this year. Price and availability may vary based on region. This release is meant for the U.S. and Canada regions only. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information.

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