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Press Release: SteelSeries Introduces Sensei [RAW] Frost Blue Edition Mouse

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SteelSeries has announced their Sensei [RAW] Frost Blue Edition, creating a match to go along with the SteelSeries Siberia v2 Frost Blue Edition Headset in the cheaper of the two Sensei packages. The Sensei [RAW] gaming mouse has all of the core essentials of SteelSeries' Sensei but without the 32-bit ARM processor, making it a premium gaming mouse for those that do not need all of the customization features. It's the same reliable Sensei [RAW] mouse but with a brand new clean and sleek paint job.

SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Frost Blue Edition

The award-wining SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] mouse is now available in a new Frost Blue Edition. Matching the color combination found on the SteelSeries Siberia v2 Frost Blue Edition Headset, the mouse is glossy white and rubberized gray with bright, blue illumination in three locations – at the scroll wheel, CPI toggle light and the SteelSeries logo.

As arefresher, the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Mice features the core essentials of a premium-quality gaming mouse, but for users that may not require all of the customization that the 32-bit ARM processor inside of the world's mostcustomizablegaming mouse, the SteelSeries Sensei, has to offer. The Sensei [RAW] provides users with:

  • BEST-IN-CLASS HARDWARE:From tournament-grade switches for intense clicking, to a pro-grade laser sensor and a CPI range from 1-5,700, the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] delivers the best in gaming performance. Flip it over to find XL-sized UPE material feet for a smooth and consistent glide.
  • FROST BLUE ILLUMINATION:Its bright-blue LED illumination is featured in 3 zones and can be configured with multiple levels of pulsation. Powered by the SteelSeries Engine software suite, users are equipped with advanced customization options and the ability to create and store an unlimited number of profiles.

Additional details for the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Frost Blue Edition can be found here: high-res images of the mouse can befoundat the following link:

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