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CES Field Test Teaser


What was first and foremost on our minds after departing CES 2012 was what we could do to make the following year better. Doing a better job of covering the show starts with better gear, so we’re bringing some very cool kit with us for 2013. On a more personal note, the three items at the top of my list for a better CES were a better camera strap, a lightweight computer, and a better means of carrying it all. Over the course of the next week, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the gear I picked to fit the bill and whether or not they live up to my expectations. Click ahead for a sneak peek!



Camera Carrying Solution


Using my Canon Rebel T2i DSLR with the standard neck strap for days on end was quite literally a pain in the neck. I vowed to find a more comfortable solution for our return to the show. After scouring the web for various straps, slings, and holsters, I believe I’ve found the ultimate solution in the CarrySpeed CS-Sling system. Much like other slings, the CarrySpeed CS-Sling transfers the camera’s weight to your shoulder, but it manages to accomplish this simple task better than any of its competitors. Stay tuned to find out how.


Mobile Computing


My 15-inch MacBook Pro was a great companion for last year’s show, but it was also the heaviest item in my bag. After seeing the potential in modern Tegra 3 powered tablets, finding a mobile device with the right balance of power, battery life, and portability became a personal obsession. It was a long wait until the launch of the Surface RT in October 2012, but I think this device has the makings of a great mobile blogging device. I look forward to reporting on how well the Surface RT lives up to my expectations throughout the week. For now, check out our full review of the Surface RT if you haven’t already.


A Bag for Everything


The Lowepro Slingshot served me well at last year’s show, but I was left longing for something with more room for equipment, food, and water. Believe me when I say that those are three items that you can never have enough of at CES! I struggled to find a bag that could do more than just carry more camera gear, until I discovered the Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L AW backpack. With pockets for card readers and chargers, a lunch, water bottle, tripod, tablet, full sized DSLR and extra lenses, the bag has every feature on my wishlist. Did I mention that it also comes with an all-weather cover? The padded camera section also boasts its own drawstring cover and can be completely removed to turn the Photo Hatchback into the perfect carry on or day bag. 





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