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Tech Kings at CES 2013 - Power For The Road


Looking Back

 For a better idea of what goes on at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), have a look at some of the cool stuff we saw last year.


Power For The Road


MiLi Power iBox for iPad 2

This sleek metal casing houses a 8,000mAh battery that will double the battery life of your iPad 2. It is also the first and only Apple certified power case for the iPad 2. Now if only they would make something this sleek for Android tablet lovers!

MiLi's Power Shine rescued more than a few of our dying cellphones over the course of 2012. We'll be heading to their booth again this year to get juiced up with some new products.


Goal Zero Sherpa 50

With a 50Wh capacity, the Sherpa 50 (not pictured) packs enough juice to charge your laptop 2 times over via a universal laptop port. A USB port ensures your smartphone and tablet can get in on the action. The Sherpa 50 will charge from a wall outlet in approximately two hours, but it can also be charged from a Goal Zero collapsible solar panel in five hours. The battery pack, which will be available in June, retails for $249.99, while the collapsible solar panel is $149.99. If you want to charge devices that demand an AC wall outlet, Goal Zero provides an inverter for $59.99.


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