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Tech Kings at CES 2013

Another year, another whirlwind week of CES. Tech Kings will be on the ground in Vegas January 8th-11th to bring you live coverage of the latest gadgets and gear that the tech industry has to offer. Be sure to stay tuned into our newswire page for the latest articles and posts. Have anything in particular you'd like us to cover at the show? Drop us a line at @TechKingsCES and we'll do our best to track it down. We value your support and hope to provide you with an inside look of at the show that goes beyond the tight lipped interviews and press conferences. So sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!


Looking Back

 For a better idea of what goes on at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), have a look at some of the cool stuff we saw last year.


CES Unveiled


Tobii Technology Gaze Interaction

The eye-tracking technology on display at Tobii Technology's booth completely deals away with traditional mice and touchscreens. The system works by using twin cameras to track the reflections of infrared light off the surfaces of the user's eyes. This lets the computer know exactly where the user is looking, even if their head is moving around. The Swedish company is interested in marketing this technology to the medical industry. There it could see applications in the operating room where surgeons aren't always able to use their hands to look up information or peek at an X-ray. We were treated to a more consumer-oriented demo which involved flipping through documents and blowing up asteroids.

This year Tobii is marketing a eye tracking system for use with Windows 8. Considering that Windows 8 is so heavily gesture dependent, eye tracking tech could make for a very fun experience indeed!

iBolt Streamer XL

If you happen to love sharing content with others via the big screen, but lack HDMI output on your smartphone, the $50 Streamer XL kit from iBolt has your needs covered. The device works by converting your phone's microUSB output to HDMI in simple plug-and-play fashion. Not only does the Streamer XL do its magic without any latency, it also charges your phone.

We expect to see a boatload of peripherals for mobile devices at this year's CES, especially ones that are gaming oriented. The SteelSeries Free controller is our current performance benchmark. We'll see who rises up to challenge its title.


Parrot AR Drone 2.0

This popular quadcopter from Parrot has seen a refresh for 2012, sporting a reinforced EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) hull and and more aggressive styling. The drone can act as your personal eye in the sky thanks to a 720p camera that records at 30fps and sends the video feed directly to your controller of choice. These hardware improvements are matched in stride by new software that allows iOS and Android users to pilot the drone more easily, and share data such as location, speed, altitude, and duration with other pilots. The AR Drone 2.0 will match the price of the previous generation at $300.

What would CES be without an upgrade to the popular AR Drone? For 2013, extra functions have been added to the drone's iPad app for taking onboard video, and a GPS add-on allows users to setup a flight plan for the drone to follow autonomously.


Zensorium Tinke

If you're a big fan of tracking your health on a regular basis, the Tinke provides an attractive pocket-sized solution for iPhone users. By launching the Tinke app on your phone and holding your thumb on the infrared sensor for 30 seconds, you can keep a daily record of your heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen content, which are aggregated into a score that Zensorium calls your "Vita Index." You can also share your score to impress friends or get your personal trainer off your back. Zensorium plans to sell the device for $100.

Tech geared towards a healthy lifestyle had a big presence at last year's CES, and 2013 should be no different. The new Flex wristband from Fitbit seems to be stealing the show, but the similarly named Fitbug looks to make inroads with its new Orb monitoring device.


Velodyne Acoustics vPulse

These stylish earbuds feature 10mm drivers encased within aluminum housings to provide low-distortion bass. In-line controls mounted on the tangle-free cable give users control over calls and music playback. These headphones are available now at a price of $89.99.

These earbuds blew us away with their sound quality and sleek looks. Then Velodyne shook the foundation of our house with the Impact Mini subwoofer. We can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves this year.


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