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SteelSeries Offers New Payment Option in PayNearMe

I'm sure my 14 year old self would be jumping with joy this day.  In the days when my parents' paranoia about using a credit card to purchase items online was coupled with my lack of plastic payment options or a bank account to use online, it came down to talking someone, anyone, into giving me a ride to the nearest store which had the item I was looking for (which was anywhere from 20-50 miles).

Someone had the brilliant idea to enable online purchases to be made with cash at a place most people could easily reach, such as a 7-11 convenience store. What this would have meant for "little me" is that I could take my money I earned mowing lawns, go online, make a purchase, and walk to my nearest 7-11.  How independent I would have felt, the freedom...

This payment method should bode well for many SteelSeries fans, as many gamers are too young to drive, and are likely in the same predicament that I remember being in.  It also offers a level of safety many people may be very fond of in a world where cyber security is becoming a more and more pressing issue.  Simple, easy, and safe, what more could you ask for in a world where plastic is becoming king, and those little slips of paper becoming more and more irrelevant.

SteelSeries is eager to announce their new PayNearMe method, and is offering a free shipping incentive for those who elect to try it out!  See the release from SteelSeries after the break!



Free Shipping for SteelSeries U.S. Customers For Using PayNearMe

Beginning today and running through March 4th, all customers in the U.S. who choose to pay with the PayNearMe option, will receive FREE SHIPPING on their SteelSeries peripheral order. Customers who prefer to use cash are able to place their order on the SteelSeries Web Shop  and then pay for their peripherals in person at more than 6,400 7-Eleven store locations across the US. With PayNearMe, consumers simply place their product order, choose PayNearMe as their payment option, include their zip code and then choose the closest participating 7-Eleven location to pay in person. Customers are given easy directions on what to print and where to pay. After making their payment at their local 7-Eleven store, SteelSeries is notified of the payment in real-time, and the customers’ order is immediately processed and shipped.




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