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Razer Releases Kraken Forged Edition Headset

RAZER Kraken Forged

If you're anything of a materials nerd like me and you love to see the fusion of high-end materials in your tech, Razer's Kraken Forged Edition headset should scratch a couple itches at once.  Machined aluminum is simply overkill, which is what makes it so great, and is a fantastic design pairing in Razer's high-end multimedia headset.  Obviously this isn't intended for everyone, but we all need something to aspire to, and some metal cans make the list somewhere.  Check the press release after the break.


Press Release: Thermaltake Annouces the LUXA2 P-Mega, the World's Largest Charging Station

thermaltake luxa2 pmega

Thermaltake has upped the portable charging game with the LUXA2 P-MEGA, the world's largest charging station. With a capacity of 41,600 mAh and 6 USB outputs, you can charge six devices simultaneously time and time again without the need for an outlet. An iPhone 5 battery is 1440 mAh, meaning you can get well over 15 charges out of the LUXA2 before it runs out of juice. The LUXA2 not only packs a ton of power, but also a very clean and futuristic look. Blue LEDs create a glow around the top bezel as well as power the charging indicators. There aren't any crazy logos or designs, just a simple silver paint job accompanied by the LEDs and LUXA2 printed on the top. Whether you are at the airport with friends or family, studying with a group, or simply away from an outlet, the LUXA2 will keep you and the rest of your party fully charged.


Introducing the Air Strap from Custom SLR


Custom SLR, the creators of the highly praised Split Strap, Pro Dot, and C-Loop just launched a Kickstarter page for their latest project, the Air Strap. The Air Strap borrows some of the best components from the older Glide One system such as swivelling buckles and versatile attachments with new features like breathable venting and a quick-adjust slider. At first glance, this looks like an outstanding strap that is feature packed, without being too clunky. We'll let you know our full thoughts when we receive ours in the mail! Click ahead for the full press release.



SteelSeries Announces the Rival Optical Gaming Mouse


Sporting a new ergonomic shape, a 30 million-click lifespan, and a massive amount of custimization potential via SteelSeries Engine 3.0, the Rival aims to be the top dog in its price bracket on the market. Click ahead for the full press release.



SteelSeries Announces the H Wireless Headset

HWireless Hero

SteelSeries recently announced their new H Wireless Headset for multi-platform gaming and entertainment. If you yearn for a wireless surround-sound headset with rich audio and intelligent gaming-oriented features, then the Dolby technologies and other innovations in the H Wireless certainly make it worth looking at. Jump past the break for the full press release.


Press Release: SteelSeries Makes Siberia Elite White Edition Headset Available For Pre-Order


Ready your ears and wallets! The White Edition of the SteelSeries Siberia Elite Headset is now available for pre-order. Our one-on-one time with this headset at PAX Prime left us quite impressed with its fresh looks, convenient controls, comfort, and most of all sound. Hit up to order yours today!


Press Release: SteelSeries Introduces the Siberia Elite Headset


We've long been fans of the excellent sound quality and comfort offered by the full-size SteelSeries Siberia V2 headsets. Now, after three years in the making, SteelSeries is raising the curtain on what they call the Siberia Elite. Highlights include 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound by Dolby® Pro Logic IIx, touch audio controls, and of course the signature retractable microphone. Rolling out alongside these premium cans is the version 3 of the SteelSeries Engine, which allows for EQ adjustments, quick-saving profiles, 16.8 million color options to illuminate the outside of the earcups, and much more. A pretty snazzy piece of kit no? Hit the official press release after the break and see the Siberia Elite for yourself at GamesCom and PAX Prime.



Cooler Master Unveils HAF Stacker Modular Case @ PAX 2013


We were as surprised as anyone when Cooler Master had a big unveil at PAX 2013 in Seattle, Washington.  Sure to open up the ultra-creative masses to a new level of flexibility when building their PC setups, the HAF stacker uses stackable modules to add extra capability / expandability when you need it.  The HAF Stacker can be used to add on larger watercooling radiators, bolster your hard drive array, or even house your other machines you might have, such as media servers.  Jump the break for more pics from the unveil and the official press release.