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Mobogenie 2.0 Makes Splash With U.S. Launch of Next-Gen Android Store


After something that borderlines on global domination, amassing almost a half-billion users in under 2 years, Mobogenie is bursting into the US application market with it's unique take on an "app store" for Android with PC-based companion site.  Mobogenie combines a suite of "essential" type applications with many free applications and broad offering of apps you'd expect to find in other app marketplaces.  But what is any big launch without something of a celebration?.. and that's where Newegg has partnered with Mobogenie to give away 50 grand worth of prizes to those who try out Mobogenie and complete fun daily tasks - hit the break for the details.



Fable Anniversary HD PC Pre-order now on Steam

For Every Choice, A Consequence.

Fable Anniversary for PC is fully re-mastered with HD visuals and audio, Fable Anniversary for PC is a stunning rendition of the original game that will delight fans and new players alike! 


Fable Anniversary is Finaly coming to PC fully re-mastered with steam achievements and trading cards. Jump in to get 20 percent off your pre-order on Steam and for some HD screenshot goodies.


DEEPCOOL launches High Performance & Silence Fans GF120/140

 Deepcool logo

Deepcool is set to launch a whole new line of fans that will go with many themes and are intended to be "set and forget."  High quality fans are still an area of focus for many enthusiast builders, and high-end bearings and elegant blade design have us intrigued by Deepcool's fresh offerings.  Get the detail after the break.


DEEPCOOL Launches High Performance & Silent AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

Deepcool logo

Can deepcool bring something to the AIO watercooling maket that has not been done before?  It's a market laden with only a few OEMs but many more branded versions where differentiation is mostly cosmetic.  Take a look past the jump for all the details for your viewing pleasure.


Watch Dogs PC Patch Incoming


Ubisoft has realesed info about the upcoming patch that we all have been waiting for. The patch will be ready to download in a few days so jump on in and see what fixes Ubisoft has implemented in this patch.


Nvidia GeForce 340.43 Beta drivers Released


Offical Nvidia GeForce 340.43 Beta drivers relased to support Battlefield Hardlines open beta and Grid Autosport. Come on in for the full info dump plus download link to upgrade your gaming drivers today.  Who doesn't like a free performance boost?


Deepcool Announces Steam Castle mATX Case for DIY Build Enthusiasts & Gamers



If you are anything like me, you love to mod your cases and make them light up like crazy, I think you will love this case from Deepcool. The case has a one-of-a-kind steampunk look that i have not seen before in a case. The case is plenty big enough to fit enthusiasts level gear while being LAN-luggable and your friends will be sure to give it a second look (and maybe a third). So just jump in to check out the full press - you know you want to.


Razer Releases Kraken Forged Edition Headset

RAZER Kraken Forged

If you're anything of a materials nerd like me and you love to see the fusion of high-end materials in your tech, Razer's Kraken Forged Edition headset should scratch a couple itches at once.  Machined aluminum is simply overkill, which is what makes it so great, and is a fantastic design pairing in Razer's high-end multimedia headset.  Obviously this isn't intended for everyone, but we all need something to aspire to, and some metal cans make the list somewhere.  Check the press release after the break.