Scythe Kamazo 2 eSATA 2.5-inch External HDD Enclosure Review - Kamazo Unboxing and Assembly



The Kamazo 2 HDD Enclosure arrived in very secure packaging, with the HDD awaiting as you open the box, and the rest of the contents resting underneath.

Kamazo 2 Contents

The Kamazo 2 comes with the following:

  • External HDD Enclosure
  • Screws for mounting the hard drive and securing the case
  • Y-USB cable to mini-USB
  • Supplemental power USB cable
  • eSATA Cable
  • SATA to eSATA bracket


Now, let's put it together!  One thing that becomes quickly apparent is that assembling the Kamazo 2 External HDD Enclosure is that it's about as close as you can get to "rod A into slot B" type assembly.


First, slide out the controller board from the outer case.

Kamazo Controller Board

Now, slide your HDD into the SATA ports, and place screws onto the back of the board.  There are 4 screw holes, and we chose to go ahead and put in all four, even though two would be more than sufficient.  This mounting system is on par with the better of 2.5-inch enclosures we have used.

Kamazo Board Rear

Now, slide your mounted hard drive back into the outer case, and place the two (very) small screws into the side of the case to secure the board and HDD inside of the outer enclosure.

Kamazo HDD Assembled

Here is a closeup of the ports on the Kamazo 2!

Kamazo Ports

Now we will try it out!


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