Kingston USB 3.0 Media Reader Review - Kingston USB 3.0 Card Reader: Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

The Kingston Media Reader 3.0 has a rugged build quality about it, and has a slim profile that is also very light and makes for a portable device to take with you wherever a card needs to be read, or an unobtrusive desktop companion.  To go along with it's portability, the Media Reader features USB 3.0 makes for uber fast file transfers from your SD card to your computer, about double that of USB 2.0 in many cases.  Don't have a device with USB 3.0 yet?.. Do not fret, this reader is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 so you can prepare for the future and get the Kingston Media Reader 3.0 now, in anticipation of your inevitable upgrades down the road. 


The one concern we might have, and one that is inherent with many card reader designs is that the cards stick out of the reader, so you have to be careful about throwing it into your backpack without pulling out your precious cards.  Other than that, it really just works how it should, is versatile as it will work just as well as a portable reader or a permanent fixture on your desktop.  It sports quality construction and a modern aesthetic that doesn't leave us thinking we should get more from it.


Listed at about $45, but available for $25 or less on most major retailers, the Kingston Media Reader 3.0 is pretty well-priced for a quality all-in-one card reader with USB 3.0 capability.  Of course, it seems comparatively expensive to the Mobilite G3 which only rings in at around $10, but if you need Compact Flash or Memory Stick capability, only the Media Reader 3.0 will do.  When looking at the nearest competition, consisting largely of generic brands for only about $3-5 less, the Media Reader 3.0 seems like a pretty good buy for a trusted brand in the business that really put it all together in a clean, sleek package.


The Good


The Bad

  • USB 3.0 speeds: half the transfer times of a USB 2.0 reader
  • All-in-one compatibility
  • Slim and Light
  • Subtle Kingston activity light and clean aesthetics
  • Generous length of cable
  • List price could be a bit cheaper to be a "sure buy"
  • No protection for inserted cards
  • No rubber feet


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