Kingston USB 3.0 Media Reader Review - Kingston USB 3.0 Card Reader: A Closer Look


A Closer Look



The Kingston Media Reader 3.0 is composed of sturdy plastic with a brushed aluminum appearance.   A subtle light illuminates the red Kingston logo on the top when a card is being read, and a clean honeycomb aesthetic rounds it out.  The rest of the body is made of quality plastic that is robust enough where I've never had any worries about it holding up even with some pretty unfair treatment.


All of the card slots are on the front of the chassis with a piano black surround, and will accept a pretty much universal loadout of SD, Compat Flash, or Memory Stick memory cards.  On the back you'll find the long USB 3.0 connector port which stays put firmly and provides the connection to the USB 3.0 horsepower.



The USB cable sticks straight out from the back of the Kingston Media Reader 3.0, and the cards on the opposing side.  The image above illustrates that you should definitely pull out your  cards before taking it with you (i.e. chucking it in your bag) because they are left exposed and susceptible to potential damage.  Included on the bottom are relatively-hard rubber/plastic strips which don't really give much traction to the surface, unfortunately.  The 3 foot USB 3.0 cable gives you a generous amount of length for cable routing and is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0.

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