Kingston MobileLite G3 USB 3.0 Media Reader Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

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The Kingston MobileLite G3 easily fits in your pocket, which makes it great for photographers and techies who are on the go.  Along with its portability, the G3 is rocking USB 3.0 so your file transfers from your SD card to your computer will be about twice as fast, and you can see even bigger advantages with higher-end cards which make more use of the available USB 3.0 bandwidth.  The case does have a bit of a plasticky feel, but the parts mesh well and it makes for a light reader.  The retractable covers are wobbly when extended which gives them a precarious feel, but they still snap snugly into place when open or closed, which is what really matters in my opinion.  When an SD card is absent and the cover retracted, the MobileLite G3 becomes extremely pocketable and will stow in your bag as though it weren’t even there.

At just a little over $10 for the MobileLite G3, it delivers USB 3.0-fueled performance that will allow you to use any of your SD cards to their full transfer rates, which will save you valuable time when transferring pictures.  Going from a USB 2.0 reader, you’ll see your copy times drop by half and its small stature means that photographers and mobile techies alike will find the MobileLite G3 a nearly-absent but valuable companion.  And the best part is you could probably go pick one up by digging the change out of your couch cushions.

The Good

  • Extremely portable
  • Very light
  • Great read speeds over USB 2.0
  • Reads most formats
  • Covered for 2 years
  • Inexpensive

The Bad

  • Feels a bit cheap
  • "Slop" in the mechanisms
  • LED is essentially worthless

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# vbdfee 2014-02-16 23:39
I have the RAVPower filehub and it has more function than this one. It can transfer the files wirelssly and has built-in battery for emergencies.