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A Closer Look



The MobileLite G3 sports a black case with blue accents running down the sides.  It’s about the size of a typical flash drive that has been widened to accommodate an SD card and also rocks a key ring to throw this on your lanyard or clip onto your computer / camera bag to keep it from running away like any compact accessory seems to do.  One end of the drive sports the USB 3.0 dongle (differentiated from a USB 2.0 device by the blue plastic insert) which is revealed by a retractable cover.  

The retractable portions of the drive case have a clean honeycomb aesthetic and each end has a tab to make it easier to open.  There is a little bit of wiggle to these covers when they are open that gives them a very plasticky feel, but they lock in place firmly when fully opened or closed which is the most important part to me.  While the USB dongle is less-important to protect, these drive covers are a great way to allow full enclosure of your SD drives so they don’t accidentally get snapped off when you hurriedly throw your notebook into your bag, forgetting to remove the MobileLite G3. 

DSC 0032DSC 0033

The other side of the USB stick is where the SD / SDXC or MSPD cards go.  Don’t worry, the micro versions of the SD / SDXC cards can come play too.  Simply retract the cover, insert your card of choice, and then raise the cover over the card to protect it in the slot.  The great thing about the covers being retractable is that they can be retracted when a card isn’t in use which makes it many times more pocketable for taking with you wherever you need a card reader. 

As I mentioned, the wiggly covers give it a plasticky feel, but the case is sturdy and the pieces all mate together very well.  The plastic enclosure keeps the MobileLite G3 very light (well, we’d hope the name didn’t lie to us) and will keep itself out of sight and out of mind until you need it.

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# vbdfee 2014-02-16 23:39
I have the RAVPower filehub and it has more function than this one. It can transfer the files wirelssly and has built-in battery for emergencies.