OCZ Technology Vector 256GB SSD Review

OCZ Vector 256GB - PCMark7 Storage

PCMark7 is a performance benchmarking suite which tests performance of various areas of your computer.  It also differs from many benchmarks because it simulates typical usage by putting your machine through a gauntlet of tests from loading web pages, virus scans, file transfers, to gaming and starting applications.  When using an SSD, there are two things we'll likely notice for the "typical" user:  loading applications and gaming.  We'll also report the overall PCMark7 Storage Score through all of its drive tests.

OCZ Vector 256GB Review - Benchmark - PCMark7

OCZ Vector 256GB Review - Benchmark - PCMark7-Overall

More of the same here, really.  The Vector drive is essentially the same as other drives in gaming performance, being they are all operating well in stride near peak throughput loading large files for texture-heavy maps in-game.  The Vector does stand out quite proudly for application starting, giving a 5.5% advantage over the next 3 drives which are almost identical, the Vertex 3 MAX IOPS, Patriot Wildfire, and Kingston HyperX 3K.  In the overall benchmark score, PCMark7 puts the Vector at the top, besting the slew of similarly-performing runner-up drives by about 2.5%.

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