OCZ Technology Vector 256GB SSD Review

OCZ Vector 256GB - AS SSD

AS SSD is a SSD benchmarking software which uses incompressible datasets and quickly tests the performance of your drives. AS SSD can measure sequential, 4K read/write speeds, 4K 64 Thread read/write, and access time.

OCZ Vector 256GB Review - Benchmark - AS-SSD-Sequential

OCZ Vector 256GB Review - Benchmark - AS-SSD-4K

OCZ Vector 256GB Review - Benchmark - AS-SSD-4K-64Thrd

OCZ Vector 256GB Review - Benchmark - AS-SSD-Acc-Time

AS SSD's incompressible datasets crippled SandForce SF-2800 drives because it was built around exploiting compressibility to improve IOPS performance.  So we're not surprised to see OCZ's Barefoot 3 controller pick up where the Vertex 4 left off, posting the best overall read performance and absolutely crushing the write speeds, being almost double in many instances.  Also impressive are the very low access times, so the drive will also spend less time putzing around when you want it to be doing work.  Another impressive dataset for the 256GB version of OCZ's Vector drive.

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