OCZ Technology Vector 256GB SSD Review

OCZ Vector 256GB - CrystalDiskMark

Crystal Disk Mark measures sequential read/write speed, random 512KB, 4KB,  and 4KB Queue Depth 64 reads/writes speeds.  It also allows the data sets to be changed, which are random, 0 Fill, and 1 Fill.  We used the 0 Fill option for the following charts, which tends to produce maximum throughput.

OCZ Vector 256GB Review - Benchmark - CDM-Sequential

OCZ Vector 256GB Review - Benchmark - CDM-4K

OCZ Vector 256GB Review - Benchmark - CDM 4K QD32

OCZ Vector 256GB Review - Benchmark - CDM-512K

The Sequential speeds from Crystal Disk Mark put the OCZ Vector on top in both read and write, albeit by a very small margin.  Interestingly, the Vector has the best 4K write speeds, yet the 4K Queue Depth 32 test puts the Vector 256GB ontop of the read by a huge margin at nearly 40% better than anything on our test bench before.  The 4K QD32 write performance is also very strong at just shy of 330 MB/s.  The Vector also posted the best 512K read results from Crystal Disk Mark, and the Read speeds are very close with many of the top performing SandForce drives, drastically improving where the Vertex 4 saw a shortcoming.  Hooray for progress!

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