OCZ Technology Vector 256GB SSD Review

OCZ Vector 256GB - Design

Instead of the simple label-like sticker we're used to seeing on SSD aesthetics, OCZ has covered the entire drive in a vinyl sticker with a very clean blue color scheme letting you know that it's "infused" with an Indilinx controller.  I think a cool idea OCZ might be able to employ would be to offer "add-on" vinyl sticker options for those who are especially particular about case aesthetics and would prefer a different color or pattern. 


The enclosure for the Vector SSD is a "slim" 7mm stance which will allow it to be used in slim notebooks.  Other than its slim profile, I actually took notice of the build quality of the vector drive.  The upper shell is one piece, and the bottom face of the housing has a perfect and remarkably-solid fit.  This thing has no flex whatsoever and has a very premium feel to it and the squared off edges also lend to a pleasant appearance.


Internally, the Vector 256GB SSD is rocking 25nm synchronous MLC NAND with two 256MB Micron chips for the controller cache.  OCZ's "ground up" controller loaded onto Vector SSDs, the Indilinx Barefoot 3, will bring similar max IOPS to drives we've been seing for the past two years, but we'll see OCZ's ability to tune their controller come into play with the better balance the Vector SSDs will deliver.  The glut of Sandforce SF-2800 drives that flooded the market (and brought consumers tons of competition and significantly lower prices) were really tuned to maximize performance so they could put a max speed on the box.  However, the Sandforce controllers buckled under incompressible workloads (Sandforce heavily utilized compressibility for increased IOPS performance).  As we'll show in the following pages, the Vector SSD consistently had the fastest write speeds, and with more balanced compressible performance, absolutely crushed all the Sandforce drives in incompressible write performance (and managed to best the high mark set by the Vertex 4).

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