Kingston SSDNow v200 128GB SSDReview - Final Thoughts

 Final Thoughts

The Kingston SSDNow V200 may not have chart-topping performance or even a SandForce controller, but it certainly brings great performance at a wonderfully-low price point. In comparison to our other budget drives it is quite a bargain as shown below:


SSD Cost
Kingston SSDNow V200 128GB $74.99
OCZ Agility 3 120GB $79.99
Patriot Pyro SE 60GB $119.99


The Kingston V200 has tough competition with the Agility 3 with each offering essentially identical prices per GB, yet offers a more complete product with varying levels of customization from their unique package options for a couple dollars more. The benchmarks show that some tests prefer handling of compressible data while others favor faster access times. It was interesting to see how the test varied and shows the different approach of the SandForce controller to the JMicron.  It appears that the Jmicron controller is more balanced and less-tuned for peak bandwidth.  Incompressible and high queue depth transfers didn't see attenuated performance as substantially as the Sandforce controller, and the result is more balanced performance. 


In the end, Kingston has made a great value product which performs well in areas that the average consumer is likely to take note of, such as boot times and read speeds. If you have been on the edge of joining the flash memory movement this is a great drive which gives enough space to hold the operating system and essential applications at a reasonable price. Kingston did a wonderful job on catering towards a market that has largely been ignored, and created an easy solution for upgrading an older system. 





  • Less than 60 Pennies a GB
  • Good Access Times
  • Desktop and Laptop Packages offer simple cloning software
  • Balanced performance
  • Great overall value



  • Rated speeds are low (300 MB/s) for a SATA3 device
  • No 3.5-inch drive bay adapter



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