Kingston SSDNow v200 128GB SSDReview - PCMark7



PCMark7 is a performance benchmarking suite which tests performance of various areas of your computer.  It also differs from many benchmarks because it simulates typical usage by putting your machine through a gauntlet of tests from loading web pages, virus scans, file transfers, to gaming and starting applications.  When using an SSD, there are two things we'll likely notice for the "typical" user:  loading applications and gaming.  We'll also report the overall PCMark7 Storage Score through all of its drive tests.



The PCMark7 results show the V200 slightly ahead of the Pyro SE with a substantial gap between our other two drives. This is a great result as the V200 comes in at a lower price point and offers more storage.  Gaming performance differences are negligible across all drives. The V200 also comes in about average in application loading, however; this is not much to fret over as most applications, once past the operating system, are relatively small and will load up seemingly-instantly.  The Agility 3 and the Pyro series have been our go-to budget drives, and we can see through all of the tests reflected in the overall score, the SSDNow v200 charges ahead of them.


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