OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD Review

PCMark 7

PCMark7 is a performance benchmarking suite which tests performance of various areas of your computer.  It also differs from many benchmarks because it simulates typical usage by putting your machine through a gauntlet of tests from loading web pages, virus scans, file transfers, to gaming and starting applications.  When using an SSD, there are two things we'll likely notice for the "typical" user:  loading applications and gaming.  We'll also report the overall PCMark7 Storage Score through all of its drive tests.




PCMark7 shows that the Vertex 4 hangs with the best Sandforce drives out there, including the Venerable Vertex 3 MAX IOPS.  The overall scores a slightly lower, but the difference is less than 1%, which is well within our assumed error variation band.  OCZ has done a good job here of focusing on well-balanced performance, as opposed to maximum bandwidth.  Sure, it may be harder to sell on the box, but it will take varying data in higher queue depths with little performance attenuation compared to the Sandforce drives.


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