OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD Review


ATTO is a disk benchmark which allows testing of drives with a range of file transfer sizes from 4K up to 8192K.  We ran tests with a 1GB span and a default queue depth of 4, which would simulate a fairly intense work environment.  The data read and written from ATTO is able to be compressed, which is something that the venerable Sandforce controllers thrive on, and asynchronous NAND doesn't have much trouble keeping up with synchronous in compressible transfers. With our newcomer Everest 2 controller we expect the results to be interesting.






Although we don't see as much peak throughput as Sanforce Drives, the Everest 2 controller still comes very close to matching them.  The practical differences are essentially negligible, although we do see the small file size read speeds lagging behind a bit.  Overall, this is a pretty good start for the Everest 2 controller, but it's got some other tricks in its bag.


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