Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB SSD Review - PCMark7



PCMark7 is a performance benchmarking suite which tests performance of various areas of your computer.  It also differs from many benchmarks because it simulates typical usage by putting your machine through a gauntlet of tests from loading web pages, virus scans, file transfers, to gaming and starting applications.  When using an SSD, there are two things we'll likely notice for the "typical" user:  loading applications and gaming.  We'll also report the overall PCMark7 Storage Score through all of its drive tests.



The PCMark7 results show the HyperX on the same level as the WIldfire and Vertex 3, two other very well-respected drives which were the tops dogs less than a year ago, and yet comes in at a lower price. Gaming performance is essentially identical across all drives, so if you're looking to boost your load times, it doesn't particularly matter which one you choose.  If you're particularly worried about booting many applications quickly, or have a generally intensive work environment, a Toggle or Synchronous NAND-equipped drive may be the better choice, as the performance difference is in a range we would consider significant, and noticeable for heavier workloads.


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