Patriot Memory Pyro SE 60GB SATAIII SSD Review - Benchmarks- AS SSD


AS SSD is an SSD benchmarking software which uses incompressible data, which presents a challenge to Sandforce drives, or other controllers which utilize data compression.  Sandforce uses DuraWrite compression and thus will not perform as well with incompressible data as it would otherwise, and is often where we see the largest difference between the flagship Sanforce drives, and the budget ones.





Here is where we see the Wildfire and the Vertex 3 begin to stand out.  Incompressible data puts a heavier load on the NAND, because the controller cannot do as much work on the data being transferred.  We generally see slower write speeds from the 60GB drives, since they have half the NAND blocks to write to than the 120GB models, but we see very strong read performance overall.   The read/write performance in low queue depth 4K transfers, which are often seen during normal usage on a computer, are also fantastic, having the best read performance and beating out the Wildfire in write performance as well.


It's in the 64 thread tests, where the differences between MLC NAND, seen in the Agility 3 and Pyro drives, and the Toggle NAND in the Wildfire and Vertex 3 Max IOPS, becomes very apparent.  We see the improvement the Pyro SE makes over the original Pyro by using synchronous NAND, and also the effects of having lower capacities available, especially when many threads of data are being sent.  The lower capacity means you have fewer "lanes" for data transfer from the NAND blocks, we we see performance degradation from that alone.  We would expect a 120GB version of the Pyro SE to nestle right in between the Agility 3 and the Wildfire.

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