Patriot Memory Pyro SE 60GB SATAIII SSD Review - Benchmarks- Crystal Disk Mark


Crystal Disk Mark performs sequential read and write tests, and also performs a variety of random read and write metrics.






Overall, we see the Pyro SE near the top of each segment of CrystalDiskMark's benchmark tests.  Its read performance is especially strong in most tests, except it struggled a bit in the high queue depth QD32 tests, but the write performance was also very strong against the Toggle NAND-toting Patriot Wildfire and Vertex 3 Max IOPS.  Overall, the Pyro SE did very well in these tests, and the differences in how they performed don't particularly warrant a jump to the Wildfire or the Vertex 3 Max IOPS, at least from what we see in these tests.  Where differences usually become more prominent is in our next round of testing, AS SSD.

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