Patriot Memory Pyro SE 60GB SATAIII SSD Review - Benchmarks- ATTO

ATTO Benchmarks

ATTO is a disk benchmark which allows testing of drives with a range of file transfer sizes from 4K up to 2048K. We ran tests with a 1GB span and a default queue depth of 4, which would simulate a fairly intense work environment. The data read and written from ATTO is able to be compressed, which is something Sandforce controllers thrive on.






We primarily see that across various file sizes, we see little variance between the performance all of these Sandforce SF-2200 drives. Realistically, the difference between the budget drives and the higher performing (and more expensive) Toggle NAND-equipped drives, such as the Patriot Wildfire, is essentially null. We consistently see the Pyro SE have some of the best read rates, although the write speeds are slightly lower due to the lower amount of available space on the 60GB drive when comparing to the 120GB drives, as the controller cannot spread out the write operation over as many NAND blocks. It's also often stated that you won't notice anything under 10% difference, so you won't see a noticeable difference in compressible read/write operations.


A quick note here before moving forward, as I mentioned earlier, the original Pyro SSD was tested with the OS installed on it, the result was about ~25% of the space being occupied.  Because of that, write performance was further restricted to fewer blocks, and also more access time required to "find" open space for the file transfers.  It's important to keep that in mind if you're on the fence about purchasing a Pyro versus a Pyro SE.

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