OCZ Vertex 3 120GB Max IOPS SATA III 6GB/s 2.5" SSD Review - A Closer Look

DSC 1056DSC 1058

The Vertex 3 drives come in a small grey and black box with a soft form-fitting foam slab inside to keep your drive safe and sound on its way to you.  The box lists OCZ's product description and important features and specifications.


The Vertex 3 drives come with a 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch drive bay adapter so you won't have any issues mounting your SSD in a standard hard drive bay.  We've used these adapters with many different types of tool-less mounting systems and haven't had any issues to report with those either.  The top of the drive has a lightly textured surface which diffuses light which gives it a matte appearance.  The Vertex 3 label has chrome accents flanked by a nicely contrasting black background.


As a self-proclaimed "sucker" for brushed aluminum, I was pleased to see that the bottom half of the chassis is made out of black brushed aluminum.  The Vertex 3's as with most other SSDs in the 2.5-inch form factor, has exposed SATA pins on the bottom surface.


The 25nm Intel NAND allows one important advantage over the 32nm Toshiba NAND, it enables fewer NAND die for a given capacity, which means they end up being much cheaper.  This is the fundamental reason we see the price jump from the regular Vertex 3 drives and the Max IOPS version.  Between the flooding in Thailand choking mechanical hard drive pricing and the intense competition in the consumer segment of SSDs, we're seeing drives similar to the regular Vertex 3 being driven to very cheap prices roughly 25% cheaper.  Based upon current pricing, this is about a ~$50 difference between the two versions.

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