Patriot Memory Wildfire 120GB SATAIII SSD Review - Testing- Benchmarks and Real World

Test System:

CPU: Intel i5 2300

Motherboard: MSI P67A-GD55

RAM: 2x2GB Patriot Viper Xtreme 1600MHz DDR3


OS HDD: Patriot Pyro 60GB SSD


Synthetic Benchmarks

First, we will use a variety of synthetic benchmarks to measure the performance of the Pyro SSD.  SSDs are often difficult to compare with real-world tests because the differences between them are so minimal, and nearly immeasurable when measuring by hand.  When we do real-world testing we will be comparing to a regular 7200RPM hard drive, to demonstrate the advantages of an SSD over the larger, heavier mechanical hard drives we are all so familiar with.  For our synthetic tests, we will compare to Patriot's Pyro SSD, to see how these two models compare.  Before we jump into that, keep in mind that the Wildfire model is a 120GB version, whereas the Pyro was a 60GB model, and so the transfer speeds will have a certain level of variance due to their storage sizes alone.

ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO is a benchmark which uses compressible data to measure SSD performance.  It tests it with a wide array of file sizes, and its compressible nature helps assess the maximum potential of the DuraWrite controller present in Sandforce drives, thus why you'll see much higher read and write speeds than the AS SSD incompressible benchmarks.

Patrito Wildfire 120GB                                              Patriot Pyro 60GB


As we can see from these results, the read performance is fairly comparable between the Pyro 60GB and the Wildfire 120GB, with the Wildfire with a noticeable edge.  However, the write performance is 25 percent better with the Wildfire 120GB, which is significantly better.  Additionally, this is exactly as Patriot has specified it would perform, with roughly 520MB/s write and 555MB/s read speeds.


AS SSD is an SSD benchmarking software which uses incompressible data, which presents a challenge to Sandforce drives, or other controllers which utilize data compression.  Sandforce uses DuraWrite compression and thus will not perform as well with incompressible data as it would otherwise.

Patriot Wildfire 120GB                                             Patriot Pyro 60GB



We can also clearly see dominance in the Wildfire 120GB over the Pyro 60GB in the incompressible performance.  A certain aspect we will target will be the 4K performance, since many normal tasks used on a daily basis would fall into the 4K data thread category.  Here we can see that there is very similar performance.  This similarity in performance is often observed between SSDs, and thus makes real world testing comparisons between various SSDs very difficult, as hand measurement methods are relatively imprecise and the differences are in fractions of a second.

Real World Testing

With these aforementioned real world similarities in mind in regards to 4K threaded tasks, we will point to the significant advantage SSDs bring over the long-reigning mechanical hard disk drives, as opposed to the minuscule differences between them.  Check out THIS PAGE of our Pyro review to see what sort of performance boosts the Wildfire will (at least) bring in everyday usage.

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