Patriot Memory Pyro Series 60GB SATA III SSD Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about the substantial impact the Pyro Series SSDs can bring when upgrading from a conventional hard drive.  With many operations taking half the time, everything is faster, snappier, more responsive in a real-world testing atmosphere.  Games, copying, installing/uninstalling programs, and loading programs all see enormous benefits, and huge increases in OS boot times are also observed.  In our compressible data tests, it appears that our Pyro 60GB drive had better-than-spec read times, but the write times were decreased a bit from where we expected them to be, and fell below the 490MB/s claimed specification.  This could be due to any number of interactions with our system and the drive itself, and results will vary from system to system and drive to drive.  The Pyro SSD also supports TRIM, which will ensure that the drive maintains its out-of-the-box performance for much longer.  This has been a huge stride for SSDs, and the Pyro (along with most of the current generation of SSDs) have made quick to add TRIM support.

Patriot came to the table with the mindset to make a fast drive, and price it "aggressively," priced near the cheapest 60GB SATA III drives, and the other models priced similarly.  It certainly brings alot of speed to the table at a price point that last year would have bought you half the drive the 60GB Pyro is, a value drive that has the consumer winning in the SSD market, and driving competitors to follow suit.  The Pyro makes a very strong case in its performance/price ratio and sets to best the Vertex 3 that has done its best to keep the bar high, but the price-to-performance ratio of the Pyro series may be difficult to beat.  This aggressive pricing strategy and the Pyro's fast Sandforce 2281 chip set it up to make a splash!



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# GTBoy 2012-03-29 03:40
....and huge increases in OS boot times are also observed."