Patriot Memory Pyro Series 60GB SATA III SSD Review - Pictures


The Pyro SSD comes packaged similarly to Patriot's RAM offerings.  It has a form-fitted plastic sleeve and an outer box with the specifications listed.


The Pyro SSD has a very nice, diffused finish on its aluminum chassis.  It's very sturdy, and its minimal weight is deceptive given the solid feel of the aluminum chassis it is in.


It's hard not to get excited over the minimal weight and form factor that SSDs will soon bring to the masses.  Shrinked HDD cages, lower thermal output, lower power draw... a world where the connecting interface (power and data cables) take up a large portion of the side profile are all enabling and progressive.

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# GTBoy 2012-03-29 03:40
....and huge increases in OS boot times are also observed."