Eagle Tech ET-CSKESU2-BK 2.5"/3.5" HDD Dock Review - Pictures



The Consus comes neatly packaged in a simple, black and orange box which displays all of the relevant specifications and features that this dock will offer you.



The dock itself comes with a mini-CD for the OTB auto backup software, a user manual, a power brick, and a USB cable. and an e-SATA cable.  The directions are very concise and easy to follow, which is a further plus.


The dock is larger than I expected, but is still quite compact, and is very low-profile for a desktop and being able to hot swap drives without having to monkey around under your desk or on your case itself.  The built-in card reader adds huge value when compared to other docks, and gives it plenty of use even when not being used exclusively for hard drives.  The button on the front is the "eject" button which has a small lever on the inside of the unit which cleanly and gently pushes your hard drive out of the SATA sockets.  This is a great feature, as it will prevent you from pull out a drive awkwardly and putting stress on the connectors, potentially damaging them.



The "door" on the top which allows smooth fitting of 2.5-inch drives has a nice spring action, and isn't too firm, but still plenty firm to hold the door shut very flushly when not in use.  The clear button on the top is LED-lit to display power and HDD activity, which is quite nice, as it's not too bright, but diffused and rather subtle.  It is also the OTB automatic backup button.



Adding even more utility to the unit is the two USB 2.0 ports on the back, which would allow you to neatly plug in your keyboard, mouse, flash drive, or anything else USB-equipped you'd want, further making this thing a dream on a desktop.  As you can see, there's also a power switch, the DC power socket, a USB connector, and an e-SATA port.



The bottom has four nice rubber feet which keep the unit from wanting to slide around, and gives it a small amount of lift from the surface so that the plastic bottom won't get scratched, or scratch you desk.



Here is a look into the inner bay which your hard drive will connect into, the whole unit is very solid, and very cleanly laid out, and have no gripes with it!


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