And Yet It Moves



Opening Thoughts: And Yet It Moves is a physics based platformer by an Austrian development team called Broken Rules. As far as platformers are concerned, this game is very straightforward at first glance, but after a few short minutes of gameplay it begins to reveal its true complexity. The concept of the game is that in order to move about your environment you have to rotate the world. When you rotate the screen the gravity in the world rotates in that direction as well, bringing you and the objects around you crashing to the “ground”. The reason I say “ground” is that there is no established up or down in this game; a fact that makes the world around you your greatest enemy.




The 411: As with many indie games it is more than the gamplay that sticks out as you journey through this puzzle. The first part of this game I appreciated was the unique art style. The entire world is built with what looks like torn up paper. This particular style makes this 2D game even more flat. As you progress through the game it becomes evident that while the environment is built of two dimensional objects the game slowly shows it has several important 3D aspects as well. I found the soundtrack of this game to be highly appropriate given the game content. The music is light and playful almost the entire time; it varies slightly throughout the levels but overall remains in the same vein as you progress through the adventure.





The goal of the game is as simple: make it from one end of the stage to the other. It is very Mario-esque in that sense but remains different in the fact that there are no enemies to challenge you along the way. Without enemies, you may find yourself misled into believing the game can't present a legitimate challenge.  The levels themselves provide all the challenge you could want. Save the first handful of levels they are all dynamic; shifting, rotating and disappearing where it is most inconvenient for you. As you move through the game, stages change more often until almost every object and platform is temporary.


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