Scythe Chouriki 2 750W Power Supply Review - Unboxing and Pictures



Here you can see the Chouriki 2's box, clad in a carbon fiber design, which also lists the certifications, features, and specifications of the Chouriki 2 power supply.



Here are the contents of the box laid out here, a particularly "beefy" power cable, which is far more robust than any other I've received with other power supplies before, an installation guide, and the power supply unit itself.  You can see the beautiful brushed metal finish which has a very nice texture to it, as well as the large amount of connectors, which we will list off later.


Here is a closer look at the power supply unit itself, you can see large ventilation holes on the front, as well as the cables towards the top, and the Kama Flex 135mm cooling fan on the top.  The Scythe logo is very neatly displayed on the top of the unit, and everything is laid out very cleanly on the unit.



Here is a closer look at the bundle of connectors provides with the Chouriki 2 Power Supply, and before anyone gets up in arms that this isn't modular, keep in mind that Scythe also offers a modular version of this power supply, and this particular model is the "basic" version.

And now we will list the connectors provided:

  • 1 x ATX Main,
  • 1 x ATX & EPS 12V(4+4pin)
  • 4 x PCI-Express,
  • 2 x HDD+FDD Pwer (4pin)
  • 1 x HDD(4pin)
  • 1 x Serial ATA
  • 2 x Serial ATA (15pin) 2

And even despite not being modular, there is no worry about having the proper connectors.  Every effort has been made to "futurize" the connectors, providing 4+4 pin for newer CPUs, plenty of PCI-e connectors for up to quad-SLI, as well as a 20+4 ATX Main power cable.


Here is the (once again carbon fiber adorned) power label proudly displaying the 80 Plus Silver high efficiency certification, and you can see that there are enough 12V rail amperage to power any of today's power-hungry components.  You can also see the various certifications that this power supply has earned on its way to the market!



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