Review: High Power Astro PT 700W Power Supply

Final Thoughts


The Astro PT really is all you want in a power supply without a bunch of extraneous stuff.  It comes with a generous selection of modular cables, two CPU power cables, nice sleeved / ribbon cables, and 80 Plus Platinum efficiency.  The only downside might be the lack of PCI-e cables for those who want anything more than two-card SLI / Crossfire.  Otherwise, it delivers with the ease of install of the modular cables and has a nice bonus feature of the "Eagle Eye" power meter to show how hard you're pushing it, oh, and it looks pretty good to boot.  Clean, well-cooled internals consisting of high quality solid Japanese capacitors should also serve you well in reliability and greater stability at high power draw.


Also, for a high-end 80 Plus Platinum-rated modular power supply, it's priced very fairly at $140.  In fact, as an 80 Plus Platinum modular power supply, it rings in at the same price as the other respected competitors' 500-600W power supplies, so High Power has definitely delivered a nice value with their Astro PT, and we wouldn't hesistate for a second to have a buddy throw one of these in their rig if they're in the market for a higher-end power supply.

The Good


The Bad

  • Very quiet
  • High efficiency
  • Plenty of cables
  • Long cable length
  • Eagle Eye power meter is nice
  • High quality components
  • Good overall value
  • Won't accommodate anything above dual SLI / Crossfire
  • Most likely will have a spare CPU cable to tidy up
  • No included cable ties

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