Review: High Power Astro PT 700W Power Supply



As with any modular power supply, we were pleased with the ease of keeping things tidy and neat.  Since there are both a 4+4 and 8-pin CPU cables, you'll most likely have to bundle up one of them and tuck it away, which is a "problem" you're less likely to see on most power supplies, but hard to knock it for having dual CPU power.  The cables are plenty long for our "Cosmos II test," with plenty of length to cleanly run all cables behind the motherboard tray without them being uncomfortably taught.  Since only a single 6-pin PCI-e power cable is included, it's also quite likely that you'll have one braided PCI-e cable and one "ribbon" cable plugged into the modular cable panel, although more and more efficient architectures are helping bring back the single PCI-e power cable requirements.  Otherwise, everything is pretty standard.





Since we don't have the proper testing bench we won't inundate you with "testing" that involves simple multimeter readings and whatnot as it would do our readers a grotesque injustice about the information we provide (i.e. these basic "tests" don't tell you anything without equipment designed to do that job).  What we can do is report on our experiences using the power supply in our test rigs.  Usually all this tells you is that it's "adequate" for the job (or not, if the case were to arise).  We would look for things like BSODs caused by voltage drops at heavy loads, high temperatures, or any other power supply-related events.  We put this power supply in our hungriest test rig, an overclocked Sandy Bridge-E machine rocking 16GB of RAM and an ASUS HD7970.  Over a month and a half of gaming and video encoding we haven't observed any instability, and the 700W of power delivered by the Astro PT left plenty of room to spare.  As seen in the picture above, even overclocked we struggled to bring the power supply draw level into the red and were usually pulling out of the green "efficiency" range.  .


I'll whisper this part to you, since it seems fitting, okay?  The Astro PT is super quiet.  Silent much of the time, in fact, because the fan doesn't even run under 25% load.  And then when it does kick on, it's not working very hard, and the efficient fan also keeps noise levels at a minimum.  Speaking of the fan, the "off-delay" feature is nice, since it's aim is to help cool down your power components on shutoff as quickly as possible to minimize thermal fatigue and enhance component life.  Pretty cool (pun intended).



We don't see anything we can fault this power supply for on the aesthetic front.  The labels are understated and tasetful, and the fan grille (which will most certainly not be visible) has a  very cool "H" motif and pleasant aesthetic that I'd actually like to have showing, a nice touch either way, I know it's there.

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