Review: High Power Astro PT 700W Power Supply

A Closer Look

Overall, the aesthetic of the Astro PT 700W power supply is clean and understated apart from the cleverly-patterned "H" grille centered with baby blue "High Power" branding.  The grille is surrounded by a silver faceplate which provides a nice contrast over the white fan and black enclosure.  The enclosure is powder-coated with a lightly-textured surface with a nice satin finish. 


Underneath the grille is a 135mm fan with 11 blades which have dimples similar to a golf ball, which improves airflow by creating many small "swirls" or vortexes which improves airflow and acoustics.  The fan hub sports dual ball-bearings which reduces vibration and extends fan lifetimes.


The back panel, in addition to the typical power plug and rocker switch, sports a rare external power supply feature, which they call the "Eagle Eye" power meter which gives you a quick glance at the overall power draw relative to the power supply capacity.  Opposite to the rear vent is the modular power panel with the 24-pin motherboard power cable, a 4+4-pin CPU cable, an 8-pin CPU cable, and one 6+2-pin PCI-e cable hard-wired.  The only thing I would change about the hard-wired bundle would maybe be to include a second PCI-e cable so that you can have matching sleeved PCI-e cables instead of one sleeved hard-wired cable and a flat "ribbon" PCI-e cable provided by the modular cables.  This seems to make sense given the Astro PT series is a high-end product which will likely be accompanied by high-end hardware which will likely require two PCI-e cables anyway.  Six modular ports support two additional PCI-e cables as well four SATA / molex cable bundles.


Underneath the enclosure is a clean PCB with neat heatsinks, a single high-efficiency +12V rail, and all-Japanese solid-state capacitors as the foundation of a high-quality, 80 Plus Platinum certified power supply.  One other bit of design effort High Power has made are two independent DC to DC converters for the +3.3V and +5V rails which help enable the 92% efficiency the Astro PT series delivers.

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