Review: be quiet! Darkpower Pro 10 550W PSU



Since we don't have the proper testing bench we won't inundate you with "testing" that involves simple multimeter readings and whatnot as it would do our readers a grotesque injustice about the information we provide.  What we can do is report on our experiences using the power supply in our test rigs.  Usually all this tells you is that it's "adequate" for the job (or not, if the case were to arise).  We put this power supply in our hungriest test rig, a Sandy Bridge-E machine rocking 16GB of RAM and an ASUS HD7970.  Over a month and a half of gaming and video encoding we haven't observed any instability, which is a testament for a 550W power supply.



Well, let's keep this quick, shall we?  This thing is super quiet.  It's usually silent, and under load any noise it might produce is drowned out by the other system fans.  It's one of the quietest power supplies we've used, end of story.



We don't see anything we can fault this power supply for on the aesthetic front.  The labels are understated and tasetful, and the fan grille (which will most certainly not be visible) has a clean, unique appearance to it.  In short, I like it, and there's nothing that should scare anyone away.


Final Thoughts


The Dark Powr Pro 10 550W power suuply is easily one of the better power supplies we've had the pleasure of using.  It's acoustics are top-notch, it uses the highest quality components we expect to see from other high quality OEMs, has a pleasant aesthetic, an ample amount of supplied cables (and cable length), and sports 80 Plus Gold efficiency over four independent 12V rails.  The icing on the cake is the OCK (overclocking key) which allows a high performance boost for OC usage by passing the power over a single 12V rail.  Additionally, small touches like the rubber vibration isolators, included thumb screws and low-profile velcro cable ties, and built-in fan control makes for a fantastic overall package.


Now for the bad news, this power supply will cost some pretty serious coin, with the 550W running at about $160.  Despite the fantastic offering be quiet! has put together with the Dark Power Pro 10 series, you'll have alot of great competitors to choose from that make the decision rather difficult, especially if you'd like a bit more wattage.  You do get the feeling that be quiet! has employed a no-expenses-spared mentality, but the price is still the only thing working against it.  If you insist on a top-of-the-line power supply though, this baby and its brethren fit the bill.


The Good


The Bad

  • Simple, clean aesthetic
  • Robust accessory kit
  • Great acoustics
  • Modular cables
  • Overclocking Key
  • Efficiency
  • Price.  $160 for a 550W power supply picks a fight with a lot of other great power supplies

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