Fractal Design Integra R2 750W PSU Review

Fractal Integra R2 - Design

 Fractal Design Integra R2

The styling of the Integra R2 sports a strictly no-thrills, by the book layout.  On the business end, the septopus (you know, like octopus, but instead it only has 7 "legs") of cords contains one 20+4 pin ATX connector, one cord with two four-pin ATX 12V connectors, two cords with two four-pin PCI-E connectors each, one cord with two four pin MOLEX connections and one floppy drive connection, and two cords each with three SATA power connections. Coming around the side we see the Fractal Design name in bold white text, with the power rating and model name in the bottom right corner.  The back shows a plain honeycomb style grill with the standard AC power in port with a disconnect switch located immediately adjacent, and again the power rating and model are shown in white and gold text.  The final side of the unit lists off the AC input voltages with the corresponding DC output voltages, the efficiency rating, power rating, model name and a great big warning label to keep simpletons from mucking about with the internals.  The prettiest feature of the PSU is unquestionably the Fractal Design snowflake stamped into the top of the case; an effective statement of subtle elegance.  

Fractal Design Integra R2 750W Fan

The grills and relative open-ness of the Integra R2 allows for a largely unobstructed view onto the mess of complicated circuitry on the inside as well as plenty of airflow.  The seven large blades on the intake fan , a noted design characteristic, help to keep this PSU well ventilated without any risk of overheating.  Fractal Design is one of the leaders in quiet fans, and a tried and true forward swept blade that we have come to know well will deliver a great airflow-to-noise ratio.  We will get into that more in a bit.

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