OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W Red Gaming Power Supply Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

 When it's all said and done, OCZ's Fatal1ty 1000W power supply is one which will be coveted by those concerned with aesthetics.  The individually-sleeved cables are very well done, look great, and facilitate an easier over cable managment process.  The unit itself has unique graphics and a clean matte finish, and the red LED adds a splash of gamer-centric attitude.  The cables should be long enough to fit in any standard case with a motherboard with a CPU power connector at the upper left, assuming that the CPU power cord hole on the motherboard tray is reasonably close to the power port itself.  During heavy usage, we never experienced any issues in terms of power stability.  Even though this isn't a sure sign of a good power supply in and of itself, given the quality capacitors and other components along with the careful design and layout of the PCB, it appears at a high-level to be a stellar power supply. 


Installation was a breeze, and the end result with the individually sleeved cables was nothing short of awesome.  Idle operation is whisper quiet, and the relatively-noisy operation when the fan is at 100% is still nothing  I'd consider an annoyance, and the gaming target audience for this power supply will likely find it to be an afterthought.  The red LEDs look good, and case a nice glow, although it's somewhat lost with most modern cases which mount upside down on the bottom of the case.  All of these factors alongside slick presentation out of the box and an 80 Plus Gold certification puts OCZ's gamer-centric power supply right in the thick of things.  It can be found for around $200 if you choose carefully, which also puts it in a fairly competitive price point, especially given it's rather niche offerings.  We also must not forget to mention that you'll also be backed up by a 5-year warranty, protecting your investment, and possibly helping you make the jump to a "future-proofed" power supply, since we haven't a clue what the future after 5 years will hold in store for us.



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