OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W Red Gaming Power Supply Review - A Close Look

Out of its protective bag, OCZ's Fatal1ty power supply provides a unique visual experience.  The surface is textured and well diffused, so it has a completely matte finish.  Ontop of that, the graphics are cleanly printed on the sides, and certainly adds a unique appearance.  The graphics are flipped so that they'll be right-side up whether mounting with the fan facing up or down.  The unit itself has an oblong profile, as with most high-wattage power supplies.



The back surface has a large-holed mesh structure, and the top sports a 140mm double ball-bearing fan with gamer-targetted red LEDs.  The two rows of modular connectors are cleanly laid out, and organized such that like cables may be more easily bundled together.  The connectors are red to create a nice contrast on the back panel and continue the red/black color scheme.  It's not a fully modular design, but the tradeoff here is that you'll need the motherboard, CPU, and two PCI-e cables regardless (if you actually need a 1000W power supply), and eliminating the modular connection for those cables allows for greater overall efficiency as well as lower cost.


OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W Power Supply Cables

By far one of the most special aspects of the Fatal1ty power supply is the premium cabling.  Individually-sleeved cables have been offered by modders and custom builders for some time, but it's a very time-intensive process which also demands some skill and craftsmanship (and a lot of patience), which leads to those services costing more than the average builder would be willing to shell out.  Several manufacturers have followed that up with premium cable extensions, which add around 6-inches of premium individually-sleeved goodness for a cleaner look.  


So what makes the Fatal1ty power supply so special is that it's the first to offer full-lenth individual sleeving out of the box.  And the result is fantastic, as we'll show in the installation portion after the break.  In addition to looking great, individually sleeved cables also tend to be easier to manage, as there's a bit of a flexibility in the individual wires to get them to lay flat, or manipulate them a bit for a super clean and flush cable routing job.  The modular cables offer 6 total 6+2 pin PCI-e cables, 8 four-pin molex, 12 SATA cables, and two floppy-drive cables.


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