Sentey Solid Power SDP650-SS 650W Power Supply Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

The SDP650 has plenty of cables, and SLI-ready future-proofed 8-pin PCI-e connectors, and 8-pin CPU power available.  It also comes with what I've seen as one of the best sleeving jobs on a stock power supply.  The flat black finish really looks great inside an all-black chassis.  The large 140mm intake fan purs along very quietly, and isn't really even audible over the rest of the system fans.  It delivers power reliably, and efficiently with its 80 Plus Sliver efficiency rating.  The single, robust +12V rail delivers up to 54A of power, and does so reliably on this beefed up rail.

The internal componentry looks clean and well laid out, which often points to quality and long-term reliability, so Sentey hits another sweet spot there.  Overall the SDP650 is very well-built, and carefully put together, and so far, has powered our test machine wonderfully, and it even looks great at the same time!  Sentey also backs it all up with a wonderful 5 year warranty, icing on the cake.



  • Flat black finish
  • Excellent Sleeving
  • Large, quiet 140mm fan
  • Robust +12V rail
  • 5 year warranty
  • Open rear venting
  • Clean componentry layout



  • No modular options




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