Sentey Solid Power SDP650-SS 650W Power Supply Review - Pictures


The SDP650 comes in a standard power supply-type box with a rather attractive design, plenty of features listed and illustrated, and also the relevant specifications.


In addition to the PSU itself, a pretty standard accessory set is included, which consists of a user manual, mounting screws, and a standard gage power cable.  The cable sleeving is very tightly woven, and is particularly good, and looks noticeably more attractive than other sleeved cabling.  There also appear to be plenty of cables to power whatever you'd want where a 650W is appropriate, unless you want quad-SLI and a huge stack of hard drives, in which case you'd need something with a little more punch.


The SDP650 comes in a flat black color, with black labels.  Overall it makes a very uniform, and very nice all-black appearance.  As we can see here on the specification label, the SDP650 uses one "robust" +12V rail to deliver a substantial 54A.  You can also see the 80 Plus Silver efficiency stamp on the upper right.


The rear vent has a hexagonal structure which is very airy and open, and even extends above and below the power port and switch.  You can also clearly see the "Active PFC" badge prominently displayed.


The other side of the power supply has a model label on it.  When mounted with the fan upward, this side of the label will show.   Also (as we'll show in a bit) it looks pretty good in a black case with a window.  Once again, the 80 Plus Silver rating is proudly displayed.


The SDP650 is cooled by a large, 140mm fan which moves plenty of air at low RPMs, and hence runs very quietly.  It has a (now quite common) S-blade type shape, which does a good job at vortex control, which drastically minimizes the noise generated by the fan.


The SDP650 fits in great in an all-black chassis, and the black sleeving really ties it all together for a very clean looking case.


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