Coolermaster GX 450 Power Supply Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

The GX 450 power supply fills a void in the lower-end market for a gaming-grade, high quality power supply.  This should be perfect for portable gaming systems, lower-end build, as well as HTPCs.  It has a very solid build, and a particularly open, airy venting system.  The single 12V fail is particularly robust, and supplies a total of 35A on that rail alone.  The components are very clean, and look very deliberately laid out, which is generally a great sign of quality, as cheaper, less reliable power supplies often show their vulnerabilities in their circuit design.  The larger top/bottom intake fan cools more effectively while operating at lower RPM, which means quieter operation than traditional smaller intakes on the side.

And with a great 5 year warranty and 80 Plus Silver efficiency paying you back on your electricity bill, it looks like the mid-range market has a new high end offering in the GX 450 power supply, from one of the most respected computer component manufacturers, Coolermaster!



  • Solid build, quality finish
  • Open exhaust, large and quiet intake fan
  • Robust main +12V rail providing 35A
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 80 Plus Silver


  • Relatively few peripheral connectors


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