Coolermaster GX 450 Power Supply Review - Pictures



The packaging of the GX 450 is consistent with those of the other GX-series power supplies, with its distinguishing purple color.  The box has an extensive list of features, certifications, and specifications.


The GX 450 comes with a warranty card, a basic user's manual, four mounting screws, and a power cable, pretty standard, and not much else that could really come with a power supply apart from additional cables for modular power supplies.


The GX450 has a flat black finish, and most of the exterior is pretty standard, and it has its graphics prominently displayed on the side, as seen above.  The exterior case is smooth and has a pretty good finish, and overall feels very sturdy and hefty.


The rear vent is very open and well vented, the GX 450 has also gone the way of many power supplies of late, with a 120mm intake fan on the top as opposed to an 80mm exhausting directly out of the back.  I've liked this move, as a larger fan can still move sufficient air at lower RPMs, which makes them quieter, and with many new cases that have bottom vents for the power supply allows thermal isolation of the power supply from the rest of the case.


The label on the other side of the power supply shows the current ratings on the various voltage rails.  As you can see, there is a single, robust +12V rail supplying 35A, and an 80Plus Silver efficiency rating.


The GX 450 has plenty of neatly sleeved cables.  In comparison to other sleeving I've seen on sleeved PSUs, these ones seem much tighter and neater, and should do well with cable management and airflow.  It also comes with a 4+4-pin CPU connector which is compatible with the latest and greatest CPUs, and should give it a degree of "future proofing."  It has a 6-pin PCI-e connector, since the newer 8-pin connectors would be fairly senseless, as a 450W power supply would most certainly be insufficient for those power hungry GPUs.  There are relatively few peripheral connectors, so if you have a case with 4-pin case fans, keep that in mind when planning your build.


As mentioned earlier, the GX 450 employs a large and quiet 120mm fan, and a very open, minimalistic fan grill. This should provide more-than-adequate airflow and cooling, and the internals have neat and substantial heatsinks to keep the components cool.  The wiring and board layout is also very clean, and appears to be overall very well put together.


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