Scythe Gouriki 3 600W PSU Review - Pictures



The Gouriki comes in a nice, colorful box with the features and specifications, as well as a nice breakdown of all cable lengths (right), which is very useful for planning purposes.


The Gouriki 3 comes with a power cable, an installation manual, four mounting screws, and two intelligent fan cables, which control fan speed based upon temperature and PSU loading. Here you can see the large 140mm Slip Stream fan which will keep this power supply cool and quiet, and the large number of cable included on the power supply.


The front grill is as open as any I've seen, and has a really cool "wavy" grill.  You can also see the beefy and neat componentry that makes Scythe power supplies particularly solid.  It's finished in a very neutral dark grey color and all cables are sleeved.


These are the intelligent fan ports on the back of the power supply, and they control your fan speed based upon PSU load and temperature, and keeps your system quiet when idling and should do well increasing fan speed just when you need it.


There are plenty of cables for anything you'd have in your system.  Current 2x4-pin CPU power cables, 20+4 mainboard connectors, and 6+2 pin PCI-e power cables for the latest and greatest GPUs.  It has plenty of connectors for drives and any other add-on accessories, and the cables are sufficiently long to allow for flexible cable management in mid-tower cases.


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