Review: High Power Astro PT 700W Power Supply


High Power aims to supply you (oh goodness, the bad puns already) with a quality power supply at a value price point with their Astro PT sereis (the PT standing for Platinum, referring ot the 80 Plus Platinum efficiency).  The power supply features modular cables, an "Eagle Eye" power meter, and some other cool junk meant to deal out the electrons to your electron-nomming computer.  We have some good things to say in the following pages, let's see what they are.


Review: be quiet! Darkpower Pro 10 550W PSU


be quiet! hopes to conjur up the idea that it took some sort of black magic to create their high-end Dark Power Pro 10 series of power supplies which bundles together a robust accessory kit, some nice features, 80 Plus Gold efficiency, and an overall great design to win over enthusiast builders worldwide.  Of course, messing with the dark arts doesn't come without some costs, and that's the only thing we would change about the recipe be quiet! has cooked up for their Dark Powr Pro 10 series power supplies.


Fractal Design Integra R2 750W PSU Review

Fractal Design Integra R2 Grill

"More power, more modular and more lights" has apparently become the latest mantra to govern the design and differentiation of the most fundamental part of a PC, that's the power supply for those of you whom I've already managed to lose.  However, Fractal Design has marched to a somewhat different beat with the Integra R2.  Geared toward the high efficiency builder who is concerned with power consumption as well as space conservation, the biggest selling point of the Integra R2 is the surprisingly short 140mm depth.  To put that in more tangible terms, while still putting out a hearty 750 watts and being given the 80 Bronze certification, the Integra R2 is a full two centimeters (~1 inch) shorter than the 620W Antec High Current Gamer and the 750W Scythe Chouriki 2, and four centimeters shorter than the 1000W OCZ Fatal1ty; all while maintaining the quiet dignity of a product not filled to the brim with tacky-colored LEDs.  


Coolermaster NA 120 Universal Notebook Adapter Review


The days of wondering whether or not you have the correct power cord for your notebook are over.  Coolermaster's NA 120 has taken all of the guesswork away by simply covering all the bases (well, except for Macbooks...).


Antec High Current Gamer 620M Modular Power Supply Review


Keeping the power hungry gaming enthusiast in mind, Antec developed the High Current Gamer series of power supplies to cater to the needs of its SLI and Crossfire touting customers. Now the company has taken this popular line of PSUs modular to keep users more organized and more flexible. The most touted feature of the HCG-620M is its ability to sustain high voltage levels consistently across its single 12V rail, allowing it to keep up with larger and more expensive competitors that take a multi-rail approach. A quaility build with all Japanese capacitors, durable black cable sleeving, and a quiet dual ball bearing fan make this offering from Antec a strong competitor in the hotly contested $99.99 price bracket. 


OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W Red Gaming Power Supply Review

Fatality 1000W front

OCZ has been a trusted computing brand for many years, and although they've recently begun evolving rapidly to chase markets where they might regain a higher level of profitability such as SSDs, and dropping lower profit sectors like RAM, their power supply lineup is as strong as ever.  OCZ is another of many manufacturers to adopt a gaming line under the "Fatal1ty" name, much as athletes are used to market a variety of products to project an image of quality and a winning philosophy.


Aerocool Strike-X 800 Watt PSU Review



Aerocool's Strike-X product line aims to provide the best in gaming equipment for enthusiasts, bringing everything from cases to fan controllers to the table. The Strike-X series is easily recognizable by the red and black color scheme with the Strike-X logo somewhere on the product. Recently, they added a few power supplies to their repertoire, each with all the features needed to please a computer enthusiast or gamer. There are four different power supplies in the series, but they only have small differences from each other, mainly in the wattage provided, efficiency rating, and cabling options.  I have the 800 watt version to work with, which offers an 80+ Silver efficiency rating, modular cabling, active power factor correction, and many more appealing features for gamers to get the most out of their components.


Sentey Solid Power SDP650-SS 650W Power Supply Review

Sentey is a relatively "new" brand to the North American computer component market, but they've been making a splash since expanding from a predominantly South American market presence.  We were thoroughly impressed with their Burton case, and now we will have a look at one of their power supply offerings!