Custom SLR Glide One Strap System and ProDot Review


Final Thoughts


Glide One

Compared to other dedicated camera straps like the CarrySpeed FS-Slim or the iconic BlackRapid sling, the Glide One has much more potential to be used on a day-to-day basis. Why let a super comfortable shoulder strap sit in the corner with your camera when you can use it with a messenger bag on your daily commute? If you happen to own an entry-level DSLR or a Compact Mirrorless shooter and don't shoot with a tripod much, then the superior comfort of the Glide One's split design is worth the slight premium you'll pay over other straps. Regarding the Glide One's appeal to professional photographers however, it certainly isn't the most budget-friendly option. Taking the CarrySpeed FS-SLIM as an example, one can get a very comfortable camera strap, an attachment for a second camera, and a tripod adapter plate for a total of $59.99. The Glide One system alone costs $69.95, plus a tripod plate and an extra C-Loop will run you $74.95 and $39.95 respectively. While professional photographers are no strangers to splurging for pricey equipment, one can hardly justify paying over double the price for a camera strap that provides only slightly better long-term comfort than a close competitor. The Glide One certainly delivers on ergonomics and style, but Custom SLR's a la carte approach to accessories will probably cause the budget-conscious to shy away.



I was pleasantly surprised at how the ProDot improved my macro shooting. Being able to take a few quick snaps without a tripod and having the pictures come out blur-free is a great convenience. Capturing large or small subjects now only requires a lens swap, without having to fuss with a tripod in between. Your time and the weight saved in your bag makes it worthwhile to pick up a bag or two of ProDots. It's a fun accessory that should pay big dividends for action and macro photographers with an itchy trigger finger.


The Good


The Bad


Glide One

  • Split design provides perfect weight distribution
  • Can be reconfigured for other uses
  • High degree of adjustability
  • Durable and high-quality build



  • Great tactile feel
  • Reliable 3M adhesive
  • Shoot macro without a tripod!


Glide One

  • Accessorizing your sling gets expensive in a hurry
  • Only one C-Loop included



  • None


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