Carry Speed FS-Slim Camera Sling Review


Long days of shooting with your DSLR can be cut short by aggravating neck pain or chafing caused by the basic straps that come packaged with the camera. A more ergonomic camera sling is an attractive alternative, which raises a question. What makes the ultimate camera sling? Carry Speed believes that their slings have what it takes to be the best in the business. After several days of shooting with their FS-Slim system amongst the madness of CES 2013, I am inclined to agree with them.




The new FS-SLIM camera sling strap features an all grip, non-slip, and detachable slim neoprene shoulder pad which is a stretchy material that absorbs the weight of the camera. The FS-SLIM has an all metal front quick adjustment and 3-button snap buckle. The strap also comes with the newly designed F-1 Mounting Plate with Arca Swiss quick release ready.

  • Neoprene shoulder pad, stretchy material.
  • All grip, non-slip shoulder pad
  • Detachable, replaceable shoulder pad
  • 3-button snap buckle
  • 100% metal front quick adjustment
  • F-1 foldable mounting plate with ball head connection
  • Multiple tripod mounts available
  • Arca swiss quick release compatible design

*Courtesy of Carry Speed



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You get a pretty good sense of the time that Carry Speed puts into their products just by the package alone. Slick graphics showingcasing product features and action shots of the sling being used go a long way to encourage the buyer (or prospective buyer) to get their hands on what's inside. Carry Speed proudly displays their 2012 Digifoto Platinum Award at the bottom of the box, letting you know that you're looking at a quality product. Slicing the package open reveals the three-part sling system, two promotional pamphlets for Carry Speed's FS series of slings, a separate ball head to use on a second camera, and a sticker to add to your growing collection.


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