Scythe Kama Bay Mini Amp Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The Kama Bay Mini Amp is a rock solid unit, with all-aluminum construction, and premium gold-plated rear connectors, doesn't leave much to be desired in an amp.  To top it all off is that it is versatile in that it is very compact, which means it won't consume very much valuable desk space, and can also be internally mounted inside of your computer case.  It comes with all the hardware you'll need to do with it as you please, and when coupled with the Kro Craft speakers, is an awesome product.  The only limitation is the output wattage, rated at up to 10W per channel for two channels, so you won't be able to power very large speakers with this amp.  It works great with headphones as well, and the front headphone jack is very convenient, and the switching between headphone and normal playback is very responsive.  It also looks very nice, the smooth knob operation is top notch, and the high quality Yamaha chip inside all comes together to make a really great little amp!


  • Solid all-aluminum construction
  • Classy look
  • Gold-plated, banana clip compatible connectors
  • Plenty of accessories and hardware


  • Relatively low power (10Wx2 channels)

Overall, a really great amp, does everything it should, is compact, looks good, is solidly built, and works great!  We would like to award the Kama Bay Mini Amp the recommended status by presenting it the Tech Kings Crown for a recommended product!


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# Maurice 2014-01-01 15:58
I wonder how the sound quality compares to that from amps that use the Tripath TA2020 chip.